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1.) What is python? Who developed python?
2.) What are the key features of python?
3.) What is a collection in python?
4.) Explain difference between list and tuple.
5.) What is the namespace in python?
6) What is meaning of mutable and immutable?
7) What is the lambda function in python?
8) When do we use a pass statement?
9) What is slicing?
10) How to get the last character from string in python?
11) Explain extend() and append() in python.

12) How to find no. of elements in a list?
13)What is the meaning of negative index in python?
14) Explain range() function in python ?
15) What are the rules for local and global variables in python?
16) Explain categories of functions in python.
17) What is the use of format function in python?
18) Explain how you can access a module in Python?
19) Explain the use of // operator in python?
20) What is the use of split function in python?
21) What is a keyword and how many keywords are available in
python ?
22) What is PEP 8 ?
23) How to check which version of python is installed in the
24) What is a list constructor? 25) What is slicing?

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