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It is the most popular and frequently used worldwide scripting language, the main reason of it’s popularity
is; It is an open source and very simple to use.

  1. Simple and Faster
  2. Interpreted and Open Source
  3. Case Sensitive and Simplicity
  4. More efficient
  5. It is Platform Independent
  6. Security, Familiarity and Flexibility are one it’s biggest characteristics.


(1.) Simple, Familiar and ease of use: Its popularly known for its simplicity, familiarity and
easy to learn the language as the syntax is similar to that of ‘C’ language.
Even people with a normal programming background can easily understand and capture the
use of language. PHP is very advantageous for new users as it’s a very reliable, fluent,
organized, clean, demandable and efficient. The main strength of PHP is the availability of
rich pre-defined functions. The core distribution helps the developers implement dynamic
websites very easily with secured data.
(2.) Flexibility: PHP is known for its flexibility and embedded nature as it can be well
integrated with HTML, XML, JavaScript and many more. PHP can run on multiple
operating systems like Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Linux, etc. The PHP scripts can easily run
on any device like laptops, mobiles, tablets, and computer. It is very comfortably integrated
with various Databases.
(3.) Open Source: All PHP frameworks are open sources, no payment is required for the users
and its completely free. User can just download PHP and start using for their applications or
projects. Even in companies, the total cost is reduced for software development providing
more reliability and flexibility. It supports a popular range of databases like MySQL,
SQLite, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and PostgreSQL.
(4.) PHP provides libraries to access these databases to interact with web servers. Developers
are free to post errors, inspect codes and can contribute to code as well as bug fixing. Many
frameworks like Code ignitor, Zend Framework, Cake PHP make use of PHP. Even many
popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal use PHP as prime
(5.) Cross-platform compatibility: PHP is multi-platform and known for its portability as it
can run on any operating System and windows environments. The most common are
XAMPP (Windows, Apache Server, MySQL, Perl, and PHP) and LAMP

(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
(6.) Fast and efficient performance: Users generally prefer fast loading websites.
For any web development, speed becomes an important aspect which is taken care of by
(7.) PHP scripts are faster than other scripting languages like ASP.NET, PERL, and JSP. The
memory manager of PHP 7 is very optimized and fast as compared to older versions of
PHP. Even connecting to the database and loading of required data from tables, are faster
than other programming languages. It provides a built-in module for easy and efficient
database management system. The high speed of PHP is advantageous for users for its
server administration and mail functionality.

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