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Delhi Police Cyber Cell : IFSO The (intelligence fusion and strategic operations ) Unit of Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested 12 cyber thugs, exposing the big gang of cyber thugs. Police have recovered 26 mobile phones, 1 laptop, 156 SIM cards and 11 ATM cards from them. This gang of cyber thugs was operating from Jamtara West Bengal and Bangalore. According to DCP IFSO KPS Malhotra, after his arrest, about 1000 cases of cyber fraud have been linked. According to the police, these gangs were committing fraud with people at the Pan India level through fake websites and fake applications. 

In fact, a complaint was given by a person named B Paul to the IFSO unit of the Special Cell of Delhi Police. In the complaint, he said that he searched the customer care number of Canara Bank on Google and from there he found a customer care phone number. When the complainant called that customer care number, the person talking to him gave him a link to a website and also advised him to post his complaint on that website. The website looked the same. While talking to customer care complainant B Paul shared all his personal information on that website. Not only this, the person talking on the phone also asked him to download an application, as soon as the complainant downloaded the application in the phone, his phone was hacked but the complainant was not aware of it and at night 27 lakhs from his account.

DCP KPS Malhotra told “they make their own fake website on google. You will call on the number given on the website of Concerned Bank.This gang had promoted their fake website above through search engine optimization.When a victim used to call them, they were guided by wrong way. They used to put details on their website, which were so similar that it was difficult to identify that it was fake. After this, they used to download an application in the victim’s phone, through which the OTP which comes through that OTP came to them. If net banking is not activated in the victim’s phone, then all the money was withdrawn from her account by activating net banking.

Gang busted after raiding three diffrent places

During the investigation, the team of Cyber Cell conducted raids at three places. 12 cyber thugs were arrested from three places Jamtara, West Bengal and Bangalore. DCP Malhotra said that the three modules of cyber fraud were working separately, such as the module in Bangalore, its job was only to provide telecaller service and technical support, such as creating fake websites and fake apps. Apart from this, the West Bengal module, its job was to provide a SIM card to the gang of cyber thugs, to provide ATM card and to provide bank account. The leader of this gang has been arrested from Jamtara. His name is Mohammad Ansari, Ansari is the main mastermind of the entire gang. His job was to organize and coordinate the entire team of thugs. Not only this, he also used to provide technical support from outside. Exposing this entire gang, Delhi Police has not only solved the case of cheating of Rs 27 lakhs, as well as 2 more cases have been worked out. The police have linked around 1000 cases only to the Bengaluru module. According to the police, when the mastermind of Jamtara and Cyber ​​Thakur, who was arrested from West Bengal, will be interrogated, then more such cases of fraud will be linked. Was not providing account and ATM, but was providing logistic support to many more gangs of cyber fraud, besides giving SIM cards to people dealing in drugs. Police has seized 111 accounts now. Same Jamtara The details of the accounts of Mohammad Ansari, who was arrested from Police investigation is going on, the police team will take Mohammad Ansari on remand and interrogate him. 

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