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1). Introduce yourself
Ans. Keep it brief starting with your full name, education, training and certifications. Specify your
technical skills relevant to the position.
2). Why did you choose this language?
Ans. We need to be confident answering this question, and need to specify strongly your interest in the
3). Explain your project.
Ans. Never start explaining your project in terms of admin and customer module. Start with the name,
purpose, duration and your role in the project. Then explain the technical tools used and the features
you had implemented different from other similar projects.
4). What do you know about our company?
Ans. Do some background work and gather company details before you go for interview through its
website. Focus on the technology they work on, their clients, projects and company growth history.
5). What are your strengths?
Ans. Specify your strengths that suit the position and how you could be a great employee. Rather than
answering in statements use appropriate adjectives and highlight how you outshine others. Be ready to
give justifications if asked.
6). Specify your weakness?
Ans. Be careful answering this question and try to specify something that will not harm your prospects
of getting selected and do inform that you are working on it. For example. You are not that organized
managing your things at home and you are dying hard to work on it and have also ensured that you will
manage your room on your own.

7). What motivates you to do a good job?
Ans. Never answer this question as money even if it is true. Appreciation for a good job done, helping
others in their work or anything related to the job would be a better answer.
8). What is your salary expectations?
Ans. Ask the interviewer to specify – what is the best the company can offer. If you feel it is less it could
be negotiated. Make an analysis of the industry standard before you appear for the interview.
9). Tell me about your achievements.
Ans. Specify any good achievement of any previous work done in a company else anything related to
academics that highlights your strength.
10). Where else have you applied?
Ans. Be honest but do not mention things in detail as the interviewer would only be interested to know
if you are seriously looking for the job.
11). If given a choice would you like to work in a team or standalone?
Ans. Inform that you can work in both situations but if given a choice – you would like to work in a team
as it provides the platform to share new ideas and thoughts.
12). What are your expectations from the company?
Ans. Specify better growth prospects as the main focus area and never mention money as a factor.
13). What makes you angry?
Ans. Answer the question in a manner that shows that you get angry very rarely. The interviewer would
be more interested in what way you handle your anger.
14). Whom do you consider as your role model?
Ans. Ensure you have the recent whereabouts of the person and why you consider him as a role model.
15). Tell me about your hobbies.
Ans. Specify one or two hobbies and do a research on it as they may ask how much you know about it.

16) Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
Ans. The best answer to this question could be given once you find out the career path following the
position you are applying for. You may aim at reaching a respectable position where you can take more
responsibilities and accept more challenges and lead a team.
17). Are you comfortable extending your work timings and work over weekends?
Ans. Example – I always try completing my work in time so that we can meet deadlines. If there is a need
to render my services for the benefit of the company I would definitely be there extending my work
timings or coming over the weekends.
18). How long would you work for us if hired?
Ans. Example – I am looking for a long term association with a company as it would provide ample
opportunities to grow with the organization.
19). Can you work under pressure or deadlines?
Ans. Example – Deadlines help us plan and work effectively. I would try to find out solutions for the
problems being faced. Prioritizing my work and putting in all efforts to complete the task on time would
then help me grow better.
20). What is the biggest mistake you ever made?
Ans. Specify a very minor fault you would have made and how you had been trying to overcoming it.
21). What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
Ans. You could definitely specify any difficult situation you had to face and how you had to overcome
the same. The interviewer’s main interest would be how you handled it.
22). What was the biggest failure you had to face?
Ans. Answer may be similar to question 20 but focus more on what you have learnt from it and how it
helped you it attain success.
23). Why should I hire you?
Ans. Explain your strengths and technical skills as required for the position. Relating this to the JD would
be the best answer.

24). Would you be ready to relocate if hired?
Ans. We need to be honest in this answer. If you are not in a position to move or travel, state that
clearly at the time of interview.
25). Do you know anyone who works for us?
Ans. If you know anyone working in the organization and you are sure that his/her would be giving a
good review about you, if enquired then do specify the same. Also inform the person that you may
mention his/her name is asked.

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